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A Checklist For New Account Onboarding

QuickStart Checklist For New Account Onboarding

Want to get ActiveDEMAND up and running FAST!, here is a simple checklist for you to ensure you have ActiveDEMAND completely set up for your team or clients.

Don't have an ActiveDEMAND account, then get a Trial Account Here

Run through the account setup wizard to ensure the basics are setup.
Set up all account information (Website URL is very important we suggest, in a separate tab, browse to the website, copy the url from the browser address bar and then paste it in the AD wizard)
Ensure there is at least one employee in the account (the default sales person)

Set up the Brand (including the email header image, logo, favicon).
Setting Up Your Brand in ActiveDEMAND (Video)

Header Image Size: 600x150
Logo size: 250x150 transparent background png
Favicon size 32x32

Setting up your CRM
If you will be integrating ActiveDEMAND with an external CRM such as Pipedrive or SalesForce. Check which CRM's we directly integrate with
If you will be using the ActiveDEMAND internal CRM, then start here

Add the tracking script to the website
Setting up the tracking script for your website

Add/Authorise Google Analytics (Administration-Account Settings- Integrations - Third Party Applications- Add Application)
Integrating ActiveDEMAND with Google Services

Add/Authorise Social Media accounts (Administration-Account Settings- Integrations - Social Media-Add Social Media)
Integrating Facebook & Instagram with ActiveDEMAND

Set up the CNAME Records
Integrating ActiveDEMAND with your website/email server

Set up the sales distribution list (account employees who are going to get leads). Add the employee contacts (Administration-Account Settings-Add Employee). Add the appropriate contacts to the Sales Distribution contact list
Setting Up Sales Lead Notifications

Set up an Email Template (Assets-Email Template Library-New Email Template)
Email Builder Basics (Premade Template)

Integrate the web forms for the website
How do I embed a form on my website?

Agency: Set up the lead notification brand (Administration, <Account Settings, <Account Setup [Lead Notification Brand]). This will ensure the lead notifications are using the agency brand.
How do I use my Agency brand on client lead notifications?

Very important: Never set the default marketing reply email address and/or the primary sales/marketing contact using a public ISP email address. Google does not allow any ESP to send from a address.

Updated on: 25/04/2023

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