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ActiveDEMAND CRM and Pipeline Setup

ActiveDEMAND CRM, Deal Manager and Pipeline Setup

If you do not have an external CRM package we integrate with, a fully functional CRM can be activated internally in ActiveDEMAND at no cost. Please check with if you want this feature enabled.

Once the CRM feature is enabled, you will need to set up:-

Your Pipelines, Deal Stages and Deal Status
Review Your Deal Template
Create a Deal Dashboard

1 Setting up your Sales/Marketing Pipelines.

With the ActiveDEMAND CRM, you can set up any number of Pipelines. You may wish to set up Pipelines for different products or services to suit your business needs.

Navigate to <Administration, <Account Settings and then click Pipelines. There are 2 default pipeline created. We suggest you click one of these to commence the creation of your own Pipeline. You can always click Create New to create your own Pipeline from scratch.

Pipeline Menu

Click on the Pencil to edit the pipeline

Pipeline Editor

Deal Stages

Click on the Deal Stage Lables to edit for your own needs. You can also assign a probability to each stage for weighted Deal Values at each stage. Dont forget to Save.

Deal Stages can be reordered by grabbing the Compass Symbol and moving to the desired level in the Stage stack.

Deal Status

You can also edit or create new Deal Status. However most users keep the standard settings, Open, Closed Won, Closed Lost.

Deal Status Editor

2 Setting Up Deals

In the main menu, navigate to <Deals and click New Deal

Standard Deal Fields

Here you will see the basic fields of a Deal or Opportunity. It's very likely that there will be additional fields that you will want to capture in your Deals, for Products, Deal Temperature, Pain Points, ICP ... etc. Additional or Custom Deal fields can be created by navigating to <Administration, <Field Management. Here is where we can create Custom Fields, in this case we are interested in Deal fields. To learn more about Custom Fields, please see this article

Once you have added your Custom Deal Fields, every new Deal created, will contain those fields.

3 Deal Dashboards

With the Pipelines and Stages all set, you should now add the Deal Kanban to your dashboard.

Navigate to <Analytics, <Dashboard
Click the Add New tab
And Click Add Content

This will then open up the Dashboard Widget selector

Type: deal

Click the Deal Kanban, and it will be added to your Dashboard.

Deal Kanban

You now have a working CRM

Deals can be added by clicking the + symbol in the Kanban, from the Contact or Organisation Screens or from the Deals tab in the main Navigation and clicking New Deal.

If you have more than 1 Pipeline, its important that you select the correct pipeline when creating the deal, as that cannot be changed once the Deal has been saved.

Adding Deals Automatically

As well as manually creating deals, they can be added automatically. An example of this would be to create a Deal upon a web form completion. In the form autoresponder, the Create Deal object can be added to the workflow

Automatically Create a Deal

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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