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How do I set up agency branded leads/reports to my clients?

How do I set up agency branded leads/reports to my clients?

Create the lead templates in the agency account

Create lead notification templates in your agency account under Assets => Email Template Library. You can base your template off of our lead templates which will all be available under System Email Library when creating your new template.

Once you are done creating your template, make sure you set the brand to be the brand you want your clients to see when the lead is set. Also change the From/Reply to information to use the brand account like this:

Where the relevant dynamic fields are


%BRAND.ACCOUNT.COMPANY_CONTACT_EMAIL.EMAIL_ADDRESS% (default marketing email address in the brand account)

Make sure that "Template is visible to sub-accounts?" is checked:

Link to the lead templates in the client account

Next, go into the Lead Processing Workflow in your client account. You will need to create a new "Email Sales" workflow action at the point in the workflow where you want to send the lead to your client:

Once you drop the action on the workflow, click the "New Email" button. Look under the "System Email Library" accordion. Your lead template you created in Step 1 will be listed there towards the bottom. Click your template, and then click the "Link Template" button:

You can now save your workflow and test it.

Step 3: Set the Lead Notification Brand to the Agency brand of choice:

In Client account settings, choose the agency brand for the leads. (Administration->Account Settings)

The important dynamic field is %BRAND.ACCOUNT.COMPANY_CONTACT_EMAIL.EMAIL_ADDRESS%. Your emails should be sent using that dynamic field in the 'from' section.

Updated on: 12/10/2022

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