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Setting Up Your Brand in ActiveDEMAND

Setting Up Your Brand in ActiveDEMAND

The brand is one of the most important assets you have in AD as it consolidates the stylistic elements of the account as well as your logo's tag lines etc.

When an account is created in ActiveDEMAND, it sets up the basics of a brand. If you have included your domain name or URL in the account setup, ActiveDEMAND will automate the process of pulling in your logos, estimating some of the colors, etc.

Depending on your account type, you may have the ability to create more than one brand. Each asset type as a brand selector in the style section of the builder.

Setting Up Your Brand

From the left main menu, got to Assets -> Brands -> select the 'pencil/edit' icon


Name: can be the same as the account name
Use Advanced Settings:
checked (recommended): the brand becomes the master CSS for all assets. An advanced set of attributes are exposed for the configuration of your brand styles.
unchecked:, the brand elements only impact assets that directly reference the brand attributes. A smaller set of attributes are exposed. Note, if your account has this unchecked, checking this will impact all assets.
URL: your website URL
Phone: referenced from the account settings or any of the static call tracking numbers are accessible here
Address Information: important because it can be referenced as your footer information
Tagline: important because it is referenced as an object inside many of the assets

Custom Attributes

For Corporate Marketer packages, you will have access to Brand Custom Fields. Your brand custom fields allow you to extend the brand meta-data to include other attributes that can be referenced using dynamic terms


Each are referenced and displayed on the right side
Web Preview shows basic style preview for landing pages
Email Preview shows basic style preview for emails
here are shortcodes that reference each individual style element within a landing page or email


shows up at the top of landing pages on tabs and some email templates
size of image should be 25x25 or 75x75
referenced in landing pages or footer
transparent png 250x200
Email Header
shows in lead notifications sent out of ActiveDEMAND and autoresponder default templates
jpeg 600x150

Advanced Brand

The Brand Object has two modes, basic and advanced. If you choose the advanced brand option on the brand, this will give you full control over the defaults across all assets in your account. Ensure you review all assets if you are switching from the basic brand to the advanced brand.

For advanced brand users, consider learning about Setting up and using Brand Custom Fields

Updated on: 09/10/2022

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