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How do i clone an asset across multiple accounts?

How do i clone an asset across multiple accounts?

Have a campaign that will work for several client accounts? Clone across them all at once!

Cloning Assets:

If you are operating in a multi-tenant environment with ActiveDEMAND (Master->Sub Accounts), a very useful feature of ActiveDEMAND is the ability to clone assets from one account to another, or from one account to many accounts. Anywhere you see the clone button, you will have the option to select the target account(s).

Special Cases

There are some very powerful special cases with certain assets.

Cloning Lead Processing Workflows

The first special case is cloning lead processing workflows (Automation->Lead Processing). Often we are in a situation where we looking to roll out a change to a standard workflow for many accounts. Two good examples are the Appointment Processing workflow and the Sales Notification workflow. As each of these workflows should only exist once in an account, ActiveDEMAND allows you to replace an existing workflow (if it exists) in the target account.

It is VERY important to ensure the name of the workflow that you are replacing is correct. ActiveDEMAND matches the workflow based on the name. Note as well, the active state of the workflow.

When cloning workflows across accounts, if the workflow references a custom field (in a decision step or in a set field step etc.) the cloning process will attempt to find those custom fields in the target account. If the custom fields do not exist, the cloning process will create the custom fields in the target account.

When cloning workflows that reference lists, the cloning process will attempt to reference a list with the same name in the target account. If the list does not exist in the target account, the list will be created.

Cloning Campaigns

Another special case is cloning Calendar based campaigns across accounts. As a campaign may potentially impact a lot of contacts within a target account, you have to make a choice on what the active state of the campaign in the target account will be. As well you are presented with an option to 'clone to all accounts'

Workflow Campaign Cloning:

Calendar campaign cloning:

For Calendar based campaigns, the campaign may or may not have a defined audience (set of contact lists). ActiveDEMAND provides a very powerful feature of cloning the audiences.

If you choose this option, the set of contact lists in the source campaign will be cloned into the target accounts. If a contact list with the same name exists in the target account, the existing contact list will be used (it will not delete the existing list). Note it is only cloning the list name/list type, NOT the contacts. If your campaign references a dynamic list, and the dynamic list does not exist in the target account, be aware that the dynamic list will require time to populate. Thus if you clone a campaign that references a dynamic list (defined by, for example 'email address exists), and the first email is going to go out in 15 minutes. If a target account does not have that dynamic list already, the list will be created and it will take time for the list to collect contacts in that account. Thus the campaign potentially could execute in the target account with a partial (or empty) list!

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Updated on: 27/10/2022

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