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How do I use my Agency brand on client lead notifications?

How do I use my Agency brand on client lead notifications?

Lead notifications can and should be sent to agency clients using the agency's brand and the agency's domain.

In the Agency Master Account
Set up the agency CNAME records
As all lead notifications In the Agency master account ensure all of the agency CNAME records are completely set up. This article is a good resource:

Setting Up Account CNAME Records

Create/Review Agency Lead Notification Templates
In order to deliver lead notifications using the agency brand, the client account lead notification templates must be linked to properly configured email templates in the master account. In the Agency Master account in the Email Templates section, there should be, by default, several lead notification templates:

Lead notification templates

The above templates, if created when the agency account was set up, should be configured properly for brand abstraction.

Proper Agency Lead Notification Template Configuration

Agency Master Lead Notification Email Template Dynamic Terms:

The template dynamic terms must be set up as follows:

Must use dynamic terms

Default reply-to name: %BRAND.ACCOUNT.BUSINESS_NAME%

Agency Master Lead Notification Email Template Options

The properly set up agency lead notification template will have the 'Template is visible to sub accounts' option set:

Template visible in sub-accounts

Agency Master Lead Notification Email Template Branding

Branding must be set to 'No Brand':

No brand selected

In Sub Account (client account)

Account Settings: Lead Notification Brand

In the account settings, set the "Lead Notification Brand" to your agency brand (Administration->Account Settings). All lead notifications that are sent using a template that is 'linked' to a lead notification template in the master account will use this brand

Agency brand

Lead Notification Workflows

In all lead notification workflows ensure the 'Email Sales' and 'Email Marketer' workflow actions are configured to be linked to the agency templates set up in the agency master account:

Email Sales, Email Marketing

Updated on: 09/10/2022

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