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How do I Configure and Use an Account Template?

How do I Configure and Use an Account Template?

What is a Template Account?

If you are a Marketing Agency and are going to create multiple sub-accounts, you might want to use the same account configuration for new clients. To save your time and efforts, ActiveDEMAND allows you to create a Template Account that can be used as a basis for future client accounts.

The Assets that can be built and re-used within a Template account are:

Appointment Schedulers
Email Templates
Page Templates
Published Pages
Web Forms
Campaign workflows
Lead Processing workflows
Custom Field Types
Custom Field Mappings

Note: Template Accounts Are Not Active

A Template account is a shell that is not an active account. Thus no workflows can be activated, Campaigns cannot be activated, etc. The account is a blueprint for creating new accounts.

How do I create a Template Account?

You can turn an existing sub-account into a Template by sending a request to
Note! In this case, the account will no longer be functional.

You can create and set a new sub-account and then send a request to to turn it into an Account Template.

When you have finished the Template Account setup, in the upper left corner of your screen click + New Client Account to create a new client account using this Template:

Or you can use the top bar add client option:

A dialogue window will appear where you can select your Template:

A new client account will be created using the selected account template configuration as the blueprint. All workflows, Campaigns, pages, custom fields etc that were created in the selected account template will appear in the new client account.

Finally, in order to activate the new account as a Corporate Marketing account, send a request to

Updated on: 11/10/2022

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