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Sharing Content Cards Across Accounts

Sharing Content Cards Across Accounts

If you have a multi-tenant account structure, ActiveDEMAND allows you to share content cards across your fleet of accounts.

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Card Visibility

A content card has three visibility modes:

Not shared: Only the account that creates the content can see the card
Shared with parent account: If the content card is created in a child account, setting the card to be 'shared with parent account' will allow the parent (agency) account and the account that created the content card to see and use the content card. Content cards that do not have this option checked will not be visible.
Shared globally: If the content card has this option selected, all accounts will be able to see and use the content card.

Setting a content card to be shared with sibling accounts can only be done in the parent/top level account.

Card Editing

A content card can be edited in the top level account or in the account that owns the content card.

Content Card Sharing Administration: Top Level Accounts

The account administrator must enable card sharing for an account before any content cards can be shared.

The administrator also controls whether or not content cards from other accounts are visible within the account

When new cards are created, the administrator has the ability to control the default sharing setting of new cards.

If this is enabled, every new card created will be 'shared' with the sub/child accounts of the top level account.

Content Card Sharing Administration: Child/Client Accounts

Similar to the top level accounts, the account administrator must enable card sharing for an account before any content cards can be shared.

If an administrator is logged into the child account directly, the administrator will have the option to set the whether all new cards are automatically shared with the parent account:

If the child account is being accessed by an administrator of the parent account, the administrator will also be able to set the default 'share with global' option:

Sharing Content Cards

Content Card Sharing
Sharing a content card does not trigger content automations. If you want content created in one account to trigger automations in another account, you must clone the card into the target account where you want the automations to run

In the account the content card is created, the card sharing can be set by either editing the card directly,

Logged in to child account directly:

Logged in to the top level (parent/agency) account directly, editing a content card created in the top level account:

Logged into the top level/agency account editing a card that was created in one of the child accounts.

or by using the bulk edit feature in the Content Card library:

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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