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Setting up Data Hygiene Schedules

Setting up Data Hygiene Schedules

For maximum deliverability and maximum marketing impact, it is very important to ensure your database is clean. ActiveDEMAND provides several tools to ensure data is clean when entering your database. The biggest challenge most marketers face is that their contact data is never up to date. Contact records are a snapshot of a contact that, in the best case scenario, was accurate at the time the record was added. But the actual person that the record represents is a live person who's environment is constantly changing. For example, people:

Change their name
Change who they work for
Change their position

The reality is, the contact data repository is constantly changing. Thus it takes effort to ensure the contact data store is accurate. This is where ActiveDEMAND's Hygiene tasks come in.

A Hygiene task is a scheduled set of actions that run on a recurring basis that are intended to improve the health and accuracy of your contact database. The task acts upon a specific contact segment.

Task schedule
Task Actions

The task schedule configuration allows you to choose the contact segment and the frequency at which the task will run. Once activated, the user who created the task will optionally receive

Setting up Notifications

When the task is performed

There are four types of actions that can be configured for a specific task:

Qualify (This facility is only applicable for USA Contacts)
Enrich (This facility is only applicable for USA Contacts)

1. Validate Action

This action processes the selected contact segment's email addresses and/or phone numbers. This is used to process all contacts' phone numbers and/or email addresses. This action uses data enrichment credits.

Using the Email address / Phone number validation data service

2. Qualify Action

This uses the Qualify data service on the contacts in the configured contact segment. This appends demographic data to the records within the contact segment. This services uses data enrichment credits
(This facility is only applicable for USA Contacts)

Using Qualify

3. Enrich Action

This performs the Data Enrichment process on all contacts in the contact segment and, optionally, on the associated organizations. This appends business details to the records. This service uses data enrichment credits.

Using Data Enrichment

4. Delete Action

This deletes moves all contacts that match the given segment into the Trash. This action does not use data credits. This action cannot be combined with any of the above actions.

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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