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System Notifications

System Notifications

ActiveDEMAND has a built in email notification system for reporting on changes within the account. The notification system is configured on two levels:

Account (configured in Administration, Account Setup)
User (configured in Profile Settings, Preferences)

The administrator enables which types of notifications will propagate through to users. Users choose which notifications that they want to receive.

Notification Types

The following systems generate notifications within your account:

Content changes (moderated Newsletter emails, scheduled social posts)
Task changes
Organization changes
Deal changes
Asset Errors
Content Change Notifications

If your account has content moderation enabled, changes in content that is progressing through the content moderation process will generate notifications.

Content Authors:

When an editorial comment is added, the author of the content can be notified
When the content moderation status changes, the author of the content can be notified
When the content is published, the author of the content can be notified

Content Moderators:

All users that have the 'content moderation' permission can be notified when content changes

When the content has been submitted for their approval
After approved the content has been published

Organisation Changes

If an organisation has a manager assigned, the account owner can receive notifications when someone comments on their company.

Deal Changes

For deals, the deal owner can be notified when:

Someone comments on the deal
When someone assigns the user to a deal

Error Notifications

There are various system events that can generate notifications.

Form submit failures (bots trying to submit a form, or if there is an issue that prevents a form to submit)
Social post failures (social account authentication issues, social platform API issues, etc)
Lead notification send failures (sending a lead to an employee that does not have an email address, etc)
Calendar authentication issues (if the platform can no longer access a user's calendar app due to authentication issues etc)
3rd Party application authentication issues

The Technical Contact

When setting up an account, if you assign a technical contact, the assigned contact will have all classes of error notifications enabled on that employee's profile.

ActiveDEMAND informs the Technical Contact of your account about any errors happening to your Lead Notifications or Form Submits by sending automated error emails. It is important to set a Technical Contact under Administration = Account Settings= [Account Setup] tab to receive them. This is especially useful if you are testing a new form or an update to your Sales Lead Notifications.

Some of the frequent types of errors you might receive are listed below.

A lead tried to send for Your Account but failed for one of these reasons:

You were sending to an empty contact list, or a list that contained non-employees
You were sending to an email address that is not set or was deleted.

For more information, follow a link to the article: Error Notifications for Leads and Form Submits

A bot was submitting empty forms on your page

For more information, read this article: What are all of these form submit errors I am getting?

An attempt to submit a form from an unverified URL

As a security feature, ActiveDEMAND will only accept form submits from verified URLs. The website domain that you set up for your account is automatically verified (i.e. ActiveDEMAND will only accept web form submits from a page on your main website domain). If you are receiving this error, your webform is deployed on a different domain than your main account domain.

Updated on: 24/11/2022

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