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Integrate SiteStaff Chat with ActiveDEMAND

How do I integrate SiteStaff Chat with ActiveDEMAND?

If the ActiveDEMAND script is on your website, there is nothing you need to do.

Follow this article to install ActiveDEMAND Tracking Script

Once the ActiveDEMAND script is installed on your website, ActiveDEMAND automatically detects SiteStaff, and scrapes all conversations, inserts the conversations into timelines. As well, ActiveDEMAND will detect email addresses embedded in the conversations ... and associate the email address with the visitor/chatter. Thus you do not need to require an email address on the form that starts the chat. If you operators ask for the email address ... AD will get it automatically from the conversation!

ActiveDEMAND will also update the visitor's profile in SiteStaff.

Example SiteStaff chat in contact timeline:

SiteStaff chats can be queried in Contact Segments, Workflows, and more.

Look for history item "LiveChat" to find people who have had live chats, or query for "livechat transcription" contains "SearchTermHere" to filter for prospects and customers who mentioned a specific word or phrase in a chat.

Example filter for just live chats:

Example filter for transcripts that include the word "pipedrive":

You can view chat locations on the map dashboard widget:

There is a custom workflow starting step for triggering drip campaigns where you can trigger campaigns received from chat:

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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