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Automating Conversations with ActiveDEMAND Chatbot (Webchat)

Automating Conversations with ActiveDEMAND Chatbot (Webchat)

With the ActiveDEMAND's WebChat, you can automate conversations by combining the Chatbot's form query capabilities with ActiveDEMAND's drip campaigns.

Form Engagement

You can use a web form to guide the chatbot's question sequence. A series of form fields with custom prompts can be used to guide the conversation with a website visitor. Many of the form field types can be served via the chatbot. In the form builder you will see which form fields are supported by the chatbot:

These elements can be served by either configuring the webchat's greeting message or by using the Web Chat workflow action

Form to be served
Form field
Re-order fields
Webchat prompt
Remove field
Add fields

For the given field sequence, the configured prompt is displayed to the visitor and the web chat input changes to adapt to the type of question being asked.

Field Prompt
Button Form Field

If the visitor answers all of the questions configured in the workflow action/chat configuration, a form submit history item will be created to capture the submitted field elements. If the visitor closes the browser before completing all of the questions, a form submit with with the fields that were submitted will be created. The next time the visitor visits the site, the remaining questions will be served.

As there could potentially be many form submits via chat, we strongly recommend turning off lead notifications on forms served via chat. In the form editor, you can disable lead processing workflows:

Using Automation

If you are using forms in your default chat configuration, we recommend using the form submit starting step for a chat automation:

This ensures your drip campaign will trigger only when the initial form is submitted.

Using the Post Web Chat Message workflow action, you can continue the conversation serving form fields.

Although it is possible to add many form fields into a single action, it is recommended that you use as few as possible per action. This allows you to check the responses and not query for information that you already have collected on the individual:

Although the dialog is being recorded as form submits, WebChatMessage history items are capturing the prompt/response dialog. This can be viewed in the conversation inbox

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Updated on: 10/11/2023

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