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Integrate ActiveDEMAND with Olark Chat

How to integrate ActiveDEMAND with Olark chat?

Step 1: install the Olark script to your website (click here)

Step 2: enjoy the integration!

If the ActiveDEMAND script is on your website, there is nothing you need to do. ActiveDEMAND automatically detects Olark, and scrapes all conversations, inserts the conversations into timelines. As well, AD will detect email addresses embedded in the conversations ... and associate the email address with the visitor/chatter. Thus you do not need to require an email address on the form that starts the chat. If you operators ask for the email address ... AD will get it automatically from the conversation!

Special commands:


This gives the chat operator the ActiveDEMAND link to the contact. Usually it will be displayed in the Olark chat window automatically anyway.

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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