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Zoom Integration

Zoom Integration

For Small Business Marketer and Corporate Marketer packages, ActiveDEMAND provides customised appointment scheduling apps that integrates with Zoom Meetings. It is easy to build an appointment scheduler for all your sales staff and everyone else in your company with:-

Link the schedule directly with your Google Calendar
Automatically create Zoom links
Automatically follow up with the attendees to ensure no one misses an appointment
Create a custom appointment scheduler for every salesperson in your company
White labeling is available for all schedules.


A paid Zoom Meetings Plan (not the free plan)
Have an ActiveDEMAND Small Business Marketer or Corporate Marketer subscription.
Admin access in both ActiveDEMAND and Zoom

Install the Zoom integration

To set up Zoom for your ActiveDEMAND account follow these steps:

Zoom is tied to the appointment scheduler. Create an appointment scheduler for an employee.

In the appointment scheduler click 'add app'


Choose Zoom


Authenticate by clicking


Click 'Authorise'


ensure you click 'close'


That is it! Meetings will be added to your appointments. If you use the defaults for the invite settings, your Zoom meeting link will be included in the calendar link for your customers.


The default appointment processing workflow will work as-is and your client meetings will have the embedded Zoom meeting URLs. You can use these dynamic fields


Removing the integration

Browse to your associated appointment scheduler and click the 'x' to delete the app.


Updated on: 10/11/2022

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