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Why can't I see SMS and Call actions in my workflow?

Why can't I see SMS and Call actions in my workflow?

If you are on this article you are probably looking for these actions to include in your workflow:

In order to have SMS actions available to you in drip campaigns and lead processing campaigns, you first need to purchase a call tracking number and make sure it is not part of a DNI pool.

Go to Assets > Call Tracking Numbers and purchase a call tracking number.

Make sure you at least set up the Default Forward Number when configuring your new call tracking number.

Navigate to the Dynamic Number Insertion tab. If your call tracking number that you just purchased is in a Dynamic Number Insertion pool (DNI pool), remove it by clicking the broken link icon next to the number shown below. Numbers used for workflow actions must not be in a DNI pool.

Navigate to one of your workflows and you should now see the SMS and Call actions.

Updated on: 16/10/2022

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