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Why Are Appointments Automatically Being Cancelled in ActiveDEMAND?

Why Are Appointments Automatically Being Cancelled in ActiveDEMAND?

Some email applications have a feature that automatically follows links in all emails.

If you find that appointments are automatically being cancelled in ActiveDEMAND without the prospect cancelling, it is likely that the "Cancel Appointment Link" in the confirmation email is being followed (auto-clicked) by the recipient's email client.

Here is how to troubleshoot and see if this is the case:

1. Check the contact activity history of:

The Calendar Owner
The Prospect

2. Filter by "EmailLinkClick"

In Contacts Timeline

3. Look for any link clicks that point to the appointment cancellation page:

Look For Cancelled

If there is a link to the appointment cancellation page and this link was not clicked by the contact/employee, then it is likely a bot click.

4. Navigate to the email that contains the appointment cancellation link. Remove the cancellation button/link from the email to prevent auto-clicks:

Remove The Cancel Link

5. The appointment can be cancelled from the "View Appointment" page instead (%APPOINTMENT.VIEW_URL%)

View Appointment Page

"View Appointment" page:

Cancel Here

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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