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What is the difference between Dynamic Email Content and Dynamic Web Content

What is the difference between Dynamic Email Content and Dynamic Web Content

Dynamic Email Content vs Dynamic Web Content

Dynamic email blocks are very similar to our dynamic web content blocks: they are blocks of text & images that are targeted individually. How you use the two types of dynamic content is pretty much the same. There are some fundamental differences between the two systems.

The builder style and content options.
The Dynamic Web Content block system is designed to allow you to adapt full sections of a web page based on the context of a visit. The Dynamic Email Content block system is designed to adapt a section of an email based on the details of the recipient. Technically what is possible on a website is NOT possible (at this time) in an email. Websites have javascript support, complex CSS capabilities, etc, thus the builders for the Dynamic Email web blocks and the Dynamic Web blocks are different in the options available

Content targeting
The Dynamic Web Content blocks are rendered in a specific web session. The web session provides the context for the decisions as to which version of the block should render. The decision regarding which version to render is done at the time the block is about to be viewed. Whereas an email must be constructed before it is sent. The correct content must be in the email when the email is about to be sent. Thus the decisions related to which content is to be sent for that recipient must be based on what is true when the email is sent.

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Updated on: 12/10/2022

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