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Using the Unsubscribe Dynamic Term

Using the Unsubscribe Dynamic Term

When sending out emails as part of a campaign, it is necessary to include an unsubscribe link so that people may opt out of receiving email correspondence. This is important to maintain GDPR regulations.

ActiveDEMAND has a few ways of automatically inserting that unsubscribe link in your emails that will take people to a Communications Preference system page. This is done using dynamic terms.

Upon choosing an email template for your campaign, you may notice an unsubscribe link is already present in your footer. If you want the link to read the default "Opt Out/Unsubscribe" you can place this dynamic term right in the text block: %STATIC_EMAIL_FOOTER_UNSUBSCRIBE%

Unsubscribe Link

If you are wanting to have your own custom wording for your unsubscribe link, you can also embed a dynamic term that will turn your preferred verbiage into a link. This dynamic term will not be replaced with any verbiage on it's own but instead a raw link so we want to make sure to embed it when using this term in an e-mail. By embedding this dynamic term it will create a link to take the contact to the Communications Preference system page: %STATIC_UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK%


Customise Unsubscribe Link Wording

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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