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Using CallForensics in a Workflow

Using CallForensics in a Workflow

Using Call Reporting in a Workflow

By creating a workflow that utilizes the CallForensics, we can automate lead-scoring as well as provide a more accurate insight into prospects and what they are looking for.

Step 1. Set your workflow trigger as an incoming call

Step 2. Add a wait decision. Remember to name it relevant to the action it is completing. Set the query to wait until a CallForensics transcript exists. If no, they will continue on to an "Email" action and fall out of the campaign. If yes, they continue on through the workflow.

Step 3. Add another decision and link to the first decision with the positive line. This decision is going to ask whether the CallForensics picked up the specific keywords that are included in this query, you can set the keywords from within the campaign. Drag a negative line to "Email Sales" so that no one falls out of the campaign without notifying sales, this tells sales that the specific keywords we were looking to be talked about within this call didn't get talked about.

Step 4. Add an "Adjust Lead Score" activity and set the lead score increase as you see fit. Drag a positive line from the decision to the lead score activity. And from there, another to "Email Sales". By doing this we are increasing the lead score on a contact thus giving your team an easy view on increasing the possibility to convert a lead into a customer.

Updated on: 19/10/2022

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