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Setting Up Your Agency Master Account

Setting Up Your Agency Master Account

Your Agency Reporter master account setup can be easily completed with the help of the Wizard and some additional quick steps. Once your master account setup has been completed, you will be ready to create your first client account.

Complete the Wizard steps
The Wizard will launch once you log in to your ActiveDEMAND platform OR
You can launch the Wizard by selecting the ‘wrench’ icon at the top right side of the screen

Launch set-up wizard

Add your CNAME records to improve your email deliverability
How are CNAME records generated and why are they important?
Go to Administration, <Account Settings, <Account Setup, <CNAME Record Setup

CNAME Set-up

Integrate your Social Media Accounts for reporting
Integrating Facebook and Instagram with ActiveDEMAND
Go to Administration -> Account Settings -> Integrations -> Third Party Applications -> select ‘Add Application’
Select your social media account(s)
Authenticate the social media account(s)

Adding social media accounts (3rd Party Integrations)

Integrate your CRM (if applicable)

Go to Administration <Account Settings, <Integrations, <Third Party Applications ... select ‘Add Application'

Add your external CRM

Add your Google Analytics information for reporting
Integrating ActiveDEMAND with Google Services
Go to Administration <Account Settings, < Integrations, <Google Integration
Adding Google

Install your tracking script to allow you to identify how prospects are engaging with your website
Setting up the tracking script for your website
To locate your tracking script, go to <Administration, <Account Settings, <Account Setup, <Account Setup

Tracking Script

Now you are ready to create your first client account (Creating a New Agency Reporter Client Account).

Updated on: 21/09/2022

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