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Prospect Insights/ActiveDEMAND Chrome Extension (Multi-Site)

Prospect Insights/ActiveDEMAND Chrome Extension (Multi-Site)

The chrome extension is tied to a specific community account login.

For that login, you will only see prospect insights (with contact histories) for contacts in the community account associated with the ActiveDEMAND login.

For example:
Special Care senior living (top account) (
==> Shady Acres (
==> Aspen Springs (

If the user has an ActiveDEMAND account in Shady Acres, the only website visitors the user will see are those who visit pages that his/her account are tracking (i.e.*)

If that user logs into the CRM, the only prospect insights that will show up as (i) are those in the community of Shady Acres.

They will see (?) on any contact that is not synced with Shady Acres. Thus if they have access to the aspen-springs account, they will see (?) on the contacts.

The user SHOULD NOT add a contact from a community that is not tied to their login AD account.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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