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Posting To Social Media

Posting To Social Media

When posting to social media using ActiveDEMAND there is a scheduler you can use to make certain social media posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Step 1. When going to create a social media post you have to go onto Automation > Campaigns > Generic Campaign.

Step 2. When you have created your Generic Campaign you will see a calendar with the social media icons in the top right. Drag and drop the social media icon of the account you want to post to, once you have selected this you can then go through and edit the social media post you want to send and add videos, photos and text.

Every social media account allows different media files, video file size and length of video, photo file size and length, and how many characters you can put into the post.

Step 3. When you have created your post following the Video file size, length and amount of characters you want on your social media post you can then select the time you want the post to go out at. (When checking your social media post on the preferred account you have sent the post to there is a delay of around 10 minutes from when ActiveDEMAND posts to the account).

When you have created your social media posts they have to be authorised to be sent by you or a team member for them to then be able to post to social media.

When your posts have gone out to social media it is best to check if they have posted to the account correctly. If the post has not been posted to the account you will see an error on the post itself on the campaign you have just created by going to the schedule.

Updated on: 15/09/2022

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