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How to Dynamically Show a Client Logo

How to Dynamically Show a Client Logo

ActiveDEMAND allows you to dynamically display a business logo when a prospect visits your website or landing page by using a dynamic content block.

To review the initial set up of a dynamic content block, please reference our Getting Started with Dynamic Content Blocks article.

Associate your prospects logo with its organisation

In order to use your logo you must associate it with its organisation.

To associate the logo image with an organisation, navigate to Home => Organisation => All Organisations => find your organisation and edit it to contain a logo:

Another way you may gain a logo for a prospects organisation is through data enrichment. In which case the logo would be added automatically.

Create your block and query the logo

Create your dynamic content block under <Assets, <Dynamic Content Blocks

After you have created your dynamic content block, click the Create Alt. Version button and enter the Advanced Targeting section.

In the Advanced Targeting section use the query builder to look for the following:

The above query looks for an organisation (your prospects business) that has a logo in your ActiveDEMAND database.

Using your prospects logo

Using a text block, you may now insert a dynamic field into your dynamic block to render the logo when your prospect engages with your assets!

To render the logo, insert a dynamic variable into the dynamic content block as follows: %CONTACT.ACCOUNT.LOGO%

You may want to use the business logo field in conjunction with the business name dynamic field %CONTACT.ACCOUNT.BUSINESS_NAME%

Publishing your dynamic block

You may use your dynamic block in two ways:

a. Short code

You will find a short code button on the top right of the dynamic content block builder.

Clicking this button will display a short code you may embed on your website.

Make sure your tracking script is enabled too

b. From within the landing page builder

All your dynamic blocks will appear in the landing page builder within the Dynamic Blocks section. From here you can drag the block on to its appropriate spot on your page.


Once you publish your landing page, or embed the short code on to your website, visitors with associated logos will see their own logos displayed on the website.

Try it with your own organisation and logo!

Updated on: 12/10/2022

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