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How do I update contacts in ActiveDEMAND when Deals Change in Pipedrive CRM?

How do I update contacts in ActiveDEMAND when Deals Change in your Pipedrive CRM?

ActiveDEMAND does not have a concept of a deal stage. That being said, you can create custom fields in ActiveDEMAND that you can map deal stages.

Step 1

Make a list of all of your Pipedrive deal stage names. Ensure you have the spelling the same in both the CRM and ActiveDEMAND.

Step 2:

Create a custom field in ActiveDEMAND that will hold the deal stage. Administration->Account Settings->Custom Fields [Add Custom Field Type]

Custom Field Type

This has to be a single option picklist build on the Contact. For the options, enter the deal stage names.

Step 3:

Use ActiveDEMAND's import scheduler to schedule updates from Pipedrive to ActiveDEMAND. Contacts->Import Scheduler

Import Contacts

Map the deal stage in Pipedrive to your Custom Field

Custom Field

Now, whenever the import scheduler pulls data from Pipedrive CRM, the contacts will update in ActiveDEMAND. Consider building a contact list (audience) that dynamically gathers contacts in a specific deal stage. You can then use this to trigger audience based drip campaigns.

Updated on: 21/11/2022

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