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How Do I Turn Off Autofill On Chrome?

How Do I Turn Off Autofill On Chrome?

Autofill can be quite annoying when going through your account setup and sub-account onboardings. If you are not careful it can set emails and even change passwords. We advise that you switch off Autofill so as to avoid any unwanted mishaps. But how do you accomplish this?? Well I'm glad you asked:

Open this in your browser: chrome://settings/passwords

And Search for your ActiveDEMAND login url:

Delete any Saved Passwords that you find here:

And while you're here, turn off Chrome asking to save passwords to further ensure the security of your various web accounts. You should not be saving any of your passwords in your internet browser as it is one of the easiest places to view your password information without requiring a PASSWORD:

Updated on: 07/10/2022

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