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How Can I see all Contacts Who Have Unsubscribed

How Can I see all Contacts Who Have Unsubscribed

There are several ways you can see this.

Just create a Contact Segment
Create a List

Contact Segment - Contacts Unsubscribed

This will give you a list of all contact who are unsubscribed.

Contacts can unsubscribe by completing the Unsubscribe form or that can be Unsubscribed by the system when emails are bounced or blocked.

Go to <Contacts, <Contact Segments

Create a New Segment with the following filter:

To filter for Contacts who have voluntarily unsubscribed by completing a form use:-

Unsubscribe by Comms Preference Form

Blocks and Bounces

To filter for Blocks and Bounces, filter using:-

Unsubscribe by Bounce, Block

The segment shown also filters for Block and Bounces in the last 7 days. Change or delete as you need.

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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