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Getting Started with Page Split Testing

Getting Started with Page Split Testing

ActiveDEMAND has outstanding landing pages. If you are looking to do some Conversion Rate Optimisation, consider split testing. Split testing is easy with ActiveDEMAND.

Step 1.

Create a landing page (Assets->Published Pages).

Step 2.

Clone your landing page (Assets->Published Pages). This page will be your split candidate.\n\n\n**Step 3**. \n\nCreate a split test (Assets, <Published Pages, <**Split Tests**\n\n\n!Select the Pages to Test" class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-image">Getting started with page split testing](<a href=;1fdf8c3.png)\n\n\n&ast;&ast;Step 3&ast;&ast;. \n\nCreate a split test (Assets, &lt;Published Pages, &lt;&ast;&ast;Split Tests&ast;&ast;\n\n\n!Select the Pages to Test" loading="lazy"/>

Choose your two landing pages, and name the split test. From now on, no matter which URL of the two pages is hit, AD will serve the two pages in alternating fashion. Track your progress on the split test page

Split Testing Results

Updated on: 19/10/2022

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