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Can I resend to bounced or unsubscribed emails?

Can I resend to bounced or unsubscribed emails?

ActiveDEMAND will automatically unsubscribe any contact that returns a single hard-bounce or any contact that returns three soft-bounces. This safeguard is put into place to protect your sending reputation and should be managed very carefully.

Re-sending to bounced or unsubscribed emails can damage your sending reputation through ActiveDEMAND, as well as damage your domain's public sending reputation.

We also suggest being very careful when deleting unsubscribed contacts; if these contacts get back into ActiveDEMAND for any reason, we will have no record of the bounce/unsubscribe and sending to them again will also negatively affect your sending reputation.

How do I bulk unsubscribe a list of contacts?

Do you have a list of bounce codes?

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Updated on: 11/10/2022

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