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How to setup reply tracking for Gmail

How to setup reply tracking for Gmail

In order for ActiveDEMAND to track replies to emails, ActiveDEMAND requires the ability to 'read' your incoming emails and determine if an email is indeed a reply to a marketing email.

Authenticating Gmail or Google Workspace (GSuite) Email Addresses

Navigate to your "Profile Settings" at the top right corner of ActiveDEMAND.

Select the Preferences Tab and scroll down to Third Party Applications

Select Add Application

Select Email Server as the Application Type and Gmail

Enter your Google Email Address and select Sign in with Google

You will be redirected to Google. Select the Google Email Address that you want to integrate with ActiveDEMAND and sign in.

Select Allow

Once the authentication is complete, you will be redirected to ActiveDEMAND. A test email will be sent to confirm successful authentication. When this is complete, select "Save".

how to setup reply tracking for gmail

You have successfully authenticated your Google Email Address with ActiveDEMAND! A check mark will appear beside your email address.

Updated on: 10/10/2022

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