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Google Search Console Widgets in ActiveDEMAND

Google Search Console Widgets in ActiveDEMAND

Google Search Console provides valuable feedback for marketers and website owners. For most digital marketing professionals, it can help report on organic SEO effort as well as track branded SEO. Because ActiveDEMAND can fetch this info directly from GSC (Google Search Console), you can embed reporting widgets in dashboards and scheduled email reports.


Integration is pretty easy:

The domain & authorised URL used in ActiveDEMAND must match the domain used in GSC.

Both of these are under Administration->Account Settings, under the "Account Setup" tab.

You have to authorise a GSC user inside ActiveDEMAND.

This is inside the Administration->Account Setting, under the "Integrations" tab.


Once integrated, you can use GSC widgets in your dashboards and scheduled emails.

If you're interested in separately reporting on "branded" and "non branded" search traffic, filter by query like this:

Updated on: 23/09/2022

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