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WooCommerce & ActiveDEMAND: Form Submits, Intercepted Form Submits & Mapping Forms

WooCommerce & ActiveDEMAND: Form Submits, Intercepted Form Submits & Mapping Forms

In ActiveDEMAND, seeing a 'SubmittedForm' activity item is common. Clearly someone has submitted an ActiveDEMAND form and that's how it shows on the contact activity timeline. It will also show you the name of the form that was submitted.

Form Submit in Contact History

However, with WooCommerce, you may have seen something like this as well:

Intercepted Form Submit

This happens when someone actually places an order in your WooCommerce store. We cannot map this information to an ActiveDEMAND form, mainly for security reasons. When someone is making a purchase, there is a credit card involved.

How we tackle this is by having the ActiveDEMAND API 'Intercept' the order and treat it as a regular 'SubmittedForm' activity item - we just give it the name 'Intercepted Form Submit'.

When a WooCommerce Order Status is changed, or there is a Customer Profile Action that has taken place in WooCommerce, we can map these to existing forms in ActiveDEMAND.

For example, when an order status changes, this can be used to trigger an ActiveDEMAND form submit to a form you built.


When a customer places an order on your WooCommerce store, an intercepted form submit will occur. You cannot force this to submit a pre-built ActiveDEMAND form.

However, when an order status or customer profile changes in WooCommerce, you can use that to trigger a form submit to any ActiveDEMAND form you have built.

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Updated on: 26/09/2022

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