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Troubleshooting Facebook and Instagram Errors

Troubleshooting Facebook and Instagram Errors

Typically agency accounts look after multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts for many clients. Here is a few troubleshooting tips if you aren't seeing the Facebook or Instagram pages populate during the authentication process.

Check to make sure that when authorising ActiveDEMAND to utilise the Facebook account that nothing under Edit Access has been changed. There is no need to change any of the settings or permissions that ActiveDEMAND is asking for as we only ask for what is absolutely necessary.

Ensure Your Facebook Account is Authorised

Accept and Continue

If you are seeing all of your Facebook accounts but the correct Instagram is not showing up, it may be a matter of making sure the business page in Facebook is connected to the Instagram. You can check this in Instagram by navigating to the main profile page and clicking the edit profile button. Here you will see under the Public Business Information if there is an associated Facebook page that has been connected. If there isn't you can click "Connect or Create" to link them.

Connect and Create

If you are finding that reporting in Instagram/Facebook custom widgets are not reporting on accurate data it may be that you have no selected a Facebook Ad Account. You will be able to go into the Administration--Account Settings--Integrations to view all of your Facebook Integration information. Ensure that you have the correct Ad ID.

Facebook Ads Account ID

Updated on: 23/09/2022

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