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Posting Preconfigured ActiveDEMAND Events to Google Analytics

Posting Preconfigured ActiveDEMAND Events to Google Analytics

"Events" in Google Analytics Universal and GA4 are used to track user interactions beyond simple page views. Because they're flexible and Google Analytics goals can be layered on top with additional filtering, they're a favourite way to track conversions.

ActiveDEMAND can automatically post form submission and phone calls as events in Google Analytics. This is a quick and easy way to get good conversion data in Google Analytics.

Note: If you want even more control over events that are sent to Google Analytics, consider using custom Google Analytics Events.


Connect your Google Analytics Account with ActiveDEMAND & Authorise Google Analytics
2, Check this box:

Auto Post Events

That's it! Now any DNI phone number or ActiveDEMAND form on your website will send events to Google Analytics when they're used.

Phone Call Default Event (GA Universal):

Category: Phone
Action: {the DNI group or phone number they called}
Label: From {prospect phone number they called from}

Form Submit Default Event(GA Universal):

Category: FormSubmit
Action: From {contactID}
Label: {ActiveDEMAND form name}

GA4 Pre-configured Events:

Phone: event name "Phone"
Form submit: Event name "Form-Submit"

Note: all GA4 events are pushed with the ActiveDEMAND Contact ID as the GA UserID, so if you want to spot check conversions, you can always use the ContactID.

You can go to the contact screen like this: ''

Updated on: 25/09/2022

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