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Marketplace - Basic Nurture Campaign

If you are starting your marketing automation journey and lead nurture is a new concept and you don't know where to start, then check this one out.

Basic Nurture to Introduce Your Product or Service

A six-step nurture campaign with the following steps

Social Proof
What's In It For Me
Fear - What if prospects don't use you?
logic - Why your product/service makes sense
Urgency - Why do it now!

Delivery Frequency
Weekly if they do not respond
Next working day if they click through

Campaign Starting Step
User Triggered

Book an Appointment or a Form Submit

You Provide
Your Basic Email Template
The Contacts

The Details

Campaign Starting Step

We have selected User Triggered, thinking that if you are new to marketing automation, your contacts list is probably small. This method you can deliberately select who and when a contact goes into the campaign. How to add contacts using User Triggered starting step is set out here.

The following Workflow steps are extensively used:

Updated on: 25/11/2023

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