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How do I post to an external webhook within a workflow?

How do I post to an external webhook within a workflow?

You can post to an external system using the 'Post To External Webhook'

Note: This workflow action is only available in the Corporate Marketer Package

This can be used to access metadata from the 'in process' contact and post the state within a workflow.


"Content-Type": "application/json"



Endpoint URL: This is the URL that is provided by the external system that you are posting to.
Payload: This is your properly formatted JSON data block. This must be formatted using proper JSON formatting (
Basic Authentication (optional): in some cases, the external app will require a username/password for authentication during the post. The username/password set here will be used before the payload is sent.
Headers: Some applications will require a specific set of headers to be sent. This should be configured using JSON syntax.

Example: Posting to Zapier

In Zapier

1, Create a new Zap

Choose Webhook by Zapier

Choose 'Catch Hook

Click Continue

Copy the Custom Webhook URL


Open your workflow, add your workflow action

Activate your workflow

Updated on: 06/10/2022

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