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Getting Started with Reveal Identity Resolution

Getting Started with Reveal Identity Resolution

If you are a UK customer, this service will only work on US B2C contacts. Unless this is your market, you are advised not to enable this feature.

Reveal is an identity resolution service that uses website visitor session data to find the contact details of an anonymous/unknown visitor. This service is used for finding contact details for prospects (who are not currently in your database) that visit your website. This service will find names, potentially addresses, phone numbers, and/or email addresses for a person visiting your website. Each contact that the Reveal service finds will be automatically imported into your contact database. This is primarily used for B2C businesses who are looking to discover anonymous unknown visitors to start engagement early in the sales process.

Reveal can be accessed via

The above table is exposed when Reveal is enabled.

How is it used:
This service, once enabled, works automatically. Every anonymous website visitor is analyzed. If the identity of the anonymous visitor can be resolved to an actual contact and the record does not already exist in your database, the new contact will automatically be imported into your database.

The price per resolution record is 20 enrichment credits ($1.60/record) If you do not have auto-recharge enabled, and your enrichment credit balance is less than 20 credits, Reveal will not perform a lookup. The service will remain enabled, even if no credits are available.

Reveal FAQ
My business is B2B, should I enable Reveal?

If your business is B2B, Reveal may not be a good fit. The Reveal identity resolution service is unique in that it makes the connection between a website visitor and their publicly available contact information. The Reveal service is used to find individuals, not businesses.

Will Reveal find contacts that are visiting from outside of the United States?

Reveal currently will only find contacts that are visiting your website from the United States.

Will I get charged for records that I already have in my database?

No. If reveal discovers a contact that is already in your database, Reveal will make the match, but not import the contact

What type of a success rate can I expect to achieve using Reveal?

Typically you can expect to 'reveal' anywhere from 20% to 50% of your anonymous visitors.

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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