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Getting Started with Personal URLs (PURLS)

Getting Started with Personal URLs (PURLS)

ActiveDEMAND tracks all links created in email campaigns etc. If you send an email to a prospect for the first time, that person may have been on your website visiting as an anonymous visitor. If the email recipient clicks a link in the email that brings the person to your website. ActiveDEMAND will automatically merge the anonymous visitor with the 'new' known email recipient and your email recipient will effectively have their anonymity removed. This is an outstanding feature of ActiveDEMAND. If you have not used the email broker, consider using this as an easy way to track (and remove) a new prospect's anonymity.

The issue with all tracked email solutions, some email recipient servers are on to you and will silently push your email into the 'promotion' category or worse, block it. Thus as a quick and easy solution, you can create a Personal URL for a contact. A Personal URL or (PURL), if clicked by a person, assume the intended person clicked the link (and no one else did). Thus if you can get THAT person to click the PURL, it kills that person's anonymity! The PURL is encoded to the person thus ActiveDEMAND will merge the link click person with any anonymous data collected up to (and now after) the link is clicked. Want to find out if someone is visiting your website ... give them a PURL!

How to do it?

Browse to the intended contact in ActiveDEMAND. Click the big 'BUILD PURL' button on the contact screen

Create Personal URLs

Share the shortened link with your visitor over email/SMS/business card, whatever, it is a fully tracked link tied to this person!

All PURLs are tracked and reported on the contact screen:

Contacts can also be tracked using emails sent from your email provider when you have the ActiveDEMAND Chrome Extension installed

Updated on: 19/10/2022

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