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Embedding Dashboard Widgets in External Applications/Websites

Embedding Dashboard Widgets in External Applications/Websites

Embedding Dashboards In Other Platforms/Portals

The Dashboard system supports embedding Dashboard Widgets and/or Dashboard Templates as iframe web/parts. Users with the Administrator role and the ' Share Report Widgets Externally' permission, you will be able to share dashboard elements with external platforms (like Google Data Studio, your Custom portal, your Saas platform, etc).

Warning: Sharing dashboard widgets can share private contact to external viewers. Using the embedded widget system should be done with care. The only employees that are allowed to create and share dashboard widgets are administrators that have been granted the 'Share Report Widgets Externally' permission

Embedding a Dashboard Template

If you click the edit icon on a given Dashboard Template,

If you have the appropriate permissions, the Dashboard Template edit dialog will have an embed code button:

Clicking the 'Create Embed Code' button will create an embed code for the current configuration of the widget.

This code can be embedded in an external web asset. Depending on the widget, there are some run-time parameters that can be set for the embedded widget. Click the Custom Options button to expose the custom options for the given widget.

As this exposes account data to an external system, security is very important. When an embed code is created for a widget, it creates a new sharable asset that can be accessed under Administration->Shared Assets:

Clicking the 'eye' icon will expose the modal with your new object embed code:

Sharing dashboard data does have security ramifications thus it is very important that you monitor who has the share asset permission, and which assets are being shared.

Which user shared the asset
When it was shared
Last time the exported asset was accessed by an external user
the embed code
delete the share

Not all dashboard widgets are exportable with an external share. Most are, but there are a few that currently do not support exports.

The following types of widgets are currently not supported in embedded dashboards:

Campaign/appointment calendars
Campaign scheduled posts

Updated on: 02/12/2022

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