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Creating a Kiosk Page

Creating a Kiosk Page

ActiveDEMAND tracking scripts track users as they visit web pages etc. ActiveDEMAND will track a visitor through multiple visits and sessions.When the visitor fills out a form the anonymous visit data collected on a user is now associated with the the (now known) contact in ActiveDEMAND. This is very powerful and, in most cases is exactly what users of ActiveDEMAND expect.

There are some scenarios where you do NOT want the visitor data associated with the person who submits the form. One of those scenarios is a public kiosk. A public kiosk is a computer that is used by many people to fill in form data.

If the public computer is used by many people, the web session data cannot be accurately attributed to the person who filled out the form.

There is a checkbox on each form that allows you to choose which forms associate the web data with the form submit, and which forms do NOT associate web data with the form submit.

For Kiosks: Uncheck the "Associate Web Visit Data with Form Submit" option and none of the visit data will be associated with the form submit.

Updated on: 21/10/2022

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