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Can Contacts Unsubscribe From My SMS/Text Messages?

Can Contacts Unsubscribe From My SMS/Text Messages?

If you have text actions within your drip campaigns, it is important to be aware of how contacts can unsubscribe.

By replying to a text with the words "Stop" or "Unsubscribe" or "Cancel" a contact can unsubscribe from any toll-free or long code number.

This is done automatically by our service provider and once this has been triggered we will no longer be able to correspond further from the unsubscribed number by call or message. This is not an unsubscribe from e-mail correspondence and contacts will not show as unsubscribed in the platform.

It is possible for the contact to resume phone and SMS correspondence by texting "Start" to the number they previously unsubscribed from.

Updated on: 13/01/2023

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