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Automate Lead Assignment

Automate Lead Assignment

Your marketing magic has just produced the hottest lead of the century. The question now is, which salesperson gets this hot lead? You can now automate lead assignments using the Assign Contact Manager workflow action.

Some of the options are:

Round Robin
Priority Assignment: Based on activity
Priority Assignment: Based on Sales Rep Scoring
Priority Assignment: Weighted Distribution

Note: This workflow action is only available in the Corporate Marketer Package

Round Robin

This configuration will automatically walk through the list of employees in the configured sales distribution list (i.e. list with a target set to 'Sales'). Each lead that comes in is sent to the next person on the list.

Priority Assignment: Activity-Based

This option evaluates the sales reps in the assigned list based on the activity configuration in this workflow action. The rep with the highest performance gets the lead.

Priority Assignment: Rep Scoring: Highest Value

This option evaluates a numeric employee custom field. The sales rep in the list with the highest score gets the lead.

Priority Assignment: Weighted Distribution

This option is used if you are looking to distribute leads based on a weighting of employee scores. For example, if you have three employees and you would like:

employee 1: 20% of all leads

employee 2: 50% of all leads

employee 3: 30% of all leads

Create an employee custom field of type 'numeric'.

employee 1: set the custom field value to 20

employee 2: set the custom field value to 50

employee 3: set the custom field value to 30

Updated on: 06/10/2022

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