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Affiliate Marketing Introduction

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is an established practice by which you can refer your site visitors to another website with the intent to sell those affiliated products or services. Amazon is a prime example of Affiliate Marketing. If you want to have your own affiliate program where others are referring their contacts to your offering, then this can be accomplished using the ActiveDEMAND Affiliate feature.

How Affiliate Marketing Work

It's normal practice for the company whose goods or services are ultimately being sold (Primary), to provide some kind of personalised tracked link that is placed on the referrers (Affiliates) website. When that link is clicked from the Affiliates website or in emails it refers their contact to a landing page on the Primary sellers website and carries over unique code to credit the Affiliate with the introduction and any subsequent sale.

The Primary seller can have as many Affiliates as it wishes. Each affiliate will be given their own unique link to identify their referrals.


The Primary seller, must have their own website and an eCommerce facility to take payment from the contacts being referred. Without an online system to accept payment (Stripe for example), its becomes difficult to administer Affiliate Schemes to the satisfaction of both the Primary Seller and their Affiliates.

The primary seller, must provide each Affiliate with the unique referral link.

In Practice

All contacts who are referred by the Affiliate will be automatically credited by the system as the First Contact source of the affiliate in the Contact's history.
Lists of Referrals can be automatically maintained and Affiliates can be emailed a statement of their Referrals and sales.
The primary Seller can also automate the sign up and issue of unique Affiliate links.

Affiliate Setup

For a more detailed instruction of Affiliate Marketing setup, please see this article.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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