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ActiveDEMAND Content Cards

ActiveDEMAND Content Cards

The Content Card

The base unit of content in ActiveDEMAND's content system is the Content Card. A Content Card is a 'card' that summarises a specific article, offer or any other piece of web content.

The very basic elements of a Content Card

Content Card Title
Content Card Attributes
Content Card Excerpt (summary)
Content Card Target

Content Card

Content Card Elements

Audience Targeting (control who sees this Content Card)
Feature Image
Target Name (the text for the button when displayed)
Target (the URL for the Content Card)
Author (this is an employee of your account)
Source (this is how the Content Card was created, this is not editable)
Excerpt (the summary of the Content Card)
Topics (these are used by the Content Card Board to filter which stories will render on a specific Content Hub)
Categories (these are used by the Content Card Board to filter which stories will render on a specific Content Hub)
Publish On (this is the date/time that the Content Card will be visible on Content Hubs)
Expires on (If this is defined, on the expiry date, the Content Card will be automatically archived and will no longer be visible in Content Hubs)

Content Card Targeting

The real power of the Content Card system is the ability to control which visitors see a specific Content Card (when used in Content Hubs or using the Content Card content block). This is controlled on the Content Card targeting settings for a Content Card. There are three ways to set your Content Card targeting:

Using the Content Card edit
Using the Content Card library bulk editor
Automatically using a Content Card Targeting rule


If a Content Card already has been created, you can edit any attribute of a Content Card, including the targeting, by browsing to the Content Card in the Content Card table.



For the Content Card above, the only visitors that will ever see this Content Card, regardless of the Content Hub this viewed on, will be those contacts that belong to the segment "Interested in Product A"

Content Automation

If you are looking to further automate your content via email or social media, then take a look at our article on Content Automatuion using Content Cards

Updated on: 25/07/2023

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